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A more professional, sleek, and far less bulky version of the traditional photo booth rooms of yore. Our social media photo booth rentals are free-standing stations similar in size to a normal tablet kiosk, but unlike the normal tablet kiosk rentals, social media photo booths come equipped with a camera and the tablet in the social media photo booth serves as a user-interface for event attendees using the photo booth.

After taking a picture, photos can be instantly shared to social media platforms or the attendee can instead choose to send the picture to themself through SMS or email to keep or upload later. Social media photo booth enclosures can be customized with custom wraps, digital picture frames can be custom, and an event organizer can even use custom software on a photo booth rental to upload pictures taken straight to the organizer's company's social media platforms. Social Media photo booths provide a fun experience for event attendees, while also providing an excellent marketing opportunity for their renters.

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With over 30 years of experience, We understand our customers charging station rental needs.

Online Engagement

Social Media Photo Booths can be used by both event organizers and event attendees to promote the event and create genuine webcontent for the organizers.


Photo booths present an excellent opportunity for both physical and digital marketing. Company custom wraps can be put around Photo Booths, custom picture frames, and custom software can be used.

Attendee Enjoyment

Social media photo booths are great at setting the tone for an event if you are wating it to feel more laid back, and add a bit of fun for your attendees.